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"Selena and her team made the entire experience more than what I expected. Thanks to this wonderful birth team, their awesome support system, encouragement, knowledge and 7.5 hours of labor later, my son was born, and I did what I thought was almost impossible."

Venna A.- Ewa Beach


Selena's energy and presence is gentle, yet powerful.  Although I was forty "geriatric mother" I had no concerns or issues with having both my babies at home. Selena and her team help me welcome both my babies into this world from comfort and safety of my home.  Both the births were magical.

MonaLisa R. - Kaʻaʻawa


Selena is a midwife, but she is so much more than that.  Selena flew to Italy, and we had the most powerful and amazing home birth.  She told me exactly what we needed to ensure a safe environment.  She took extra precaution to ensure my safety.  It was the best day of my life...

She took an experience that was full of fear, and turned it into one of hope, empowerment and joy.

Selena Green is a permanent part of our family, as our trusted midwife, mother and friend for life.

Kimberly - Avellino, Italy

My Black Midwives... I told them from the beginning there was nobody else I wanted to deliver my baby.  You guys have been amazing to not only Eden and I but to Emonii and Kree as well. Always making sure we are healthy and always educating us.  We appreciate you more than you know, more than we can put into words.

Brianne & Emonii - Salt Lake

Selena is an angel from heaven. Iʻm so grateful for her compassion, knowledge and inspiration.  She attended the births of six of my grandchildren.  She has been so calm and center in some of the most challenging births. Selena is a blessing to our family.  My youngest baby was in distress at birth, her calmness and attention to detail along with her brilliance saved my granddaughters life.  Mahalo Selena for the great work you do.

Haʻaheo Scanlan - Kaneohe

"Ka ʻike a ka makua ne nei na ke keiki"
The knowledge of the parent is absorbed by the child.


Mama Selena, words canʻt fully express our mahalo & aloha for all that you have done.  Not only bring our baby into this world, but raising us as parents.  We are so grateful to have you as our family

ʻOhana Tauotaha - Nuʻuanu

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